• Content strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Media outreach

The Goods

  • Facebook contest
  • 40-page book
  • Book release party

Cream-colored purebreds & whiskers on kittens

People love to talk about their pets. We gave adopters an avenue to do so, using a Facebook contest to tease the book and surface great stories. We featured the top three winners in the book.

A tale of thirteen rescues

Drafted from nearly two dozen interviews, the 40-page book follows 13 animals in and out of shelters. We curated the content carefully to create a feel-good read while touching on topics that impact rescue:

  • Slider, a Lab-shepherd mix, was nearly euthanized before becoming a service dog for a veteran with PTSD
  • Tiny, a 130-pound heartworm-positive mastiff, helped his new owner’s autistic son engage with the world
  • Blaze, a fearless blind cat, showed his owner how wonderful special-needs pets can be

Media pitches & the release party

Pitching the story, we secured media coverage online and in local newspapers/TV news reports. We used FOJA’s blog, email and social media to promote the book and invite people to the book release party held at the city shelter.

Epilogue: a surprise ending

The party was a wonderful success. People were able to see FOJA’s work first-hand, and pick up books and rescue-themed holiday gifts to raise funds. The best moment came at the eleventh hour: an artist sketching live at the event decided to adopt a shelter dog. The two left the party side by side, better together.

The photos in ‘Better Together’, a new coffee table book produced by the nonprofit Friends of Jacksonville Animals, get your attention. But the stories inspire.
— The Florida Times-Union