• Content strategy
  • Copywriting
  • User research
  • Project management

The Goods

  • Website/in-app copy
  • Marketing materials
  • Demo videos
  • FAQs & user guides

Iterate your heart out

Ignite practices the art of HuDiLeDa: start with a human problem, build a digital solution, work lean and look to data for answers. At Ignite, everything is a draft. You whip something up, get it into the wild for feedback and refine as you go.

ResumeBot: the little engine that could

ResumeBot is an email-away tool to help recruiters format resumes in about 30 seconds. Problem was, recruiters weren’t using it. Joining the ResumeBot team, we looked into what was going on:

  • Scrutinized user analytics
  • Compared and contrasted hundreds of before/after resumes
  • Conducted onsite and remote user interviews
  • Led QA and customer support

Working off insights, ResumeBot got smarter and usage went up. We rolled out the tool to Adecco North America, and facilitated conversations to scale to Canada, Asia Pacific-China and Australia.