• Content strategy
  • Copywriting & editing

The Goods

  • Website copy
  • FAQs & infographics
  • Sponsorship kit
  • Event guide, flysheets, rack card
  • Creator & speaker packets
  • Content calendar
  • Festival event scripts
  • Copywriting guide

Communicating ‘never been done before’

To succeed, One Spark needed to engage creators, sponsors, venues, volunteers, speakers, festival attendees and the media. Most were local, but some were coming in from out of town or overseas. An added twist, many people had never heard of crowdfunding.

A tiny idea takes off

We carefully honed messaging to speak to each audience, using infographics and FAQs to demystify the event and voting/contributing process. In its inaugural year, One Spark raised over $1.2 million in funding and support from 900+ creators, 553 volunteers and over 130,000 attendees.

Scaling to Berlin

In year two, One Spark took off across the pond to host their first overseas festival. We simplified all of the messaging to ensure nothing was lost in translation. With each new festival, One Spark continued to refine the festival experience and creator platform to help creators bring their ideas to life.

Jen is an amazing writer/communicator and One Spark is so very lucky to have her as a part of our team.
— Joe Sampson, Executive Director, One Spark