• Concept development
  • Character design
  • Storyboarding
  • Copywriting & editing
  • Project management

The Goods

  • Stop motion video
  • Interactive quiz
  • Online game

For the quiz, we went with stop motion, crafting characters from wood, wire and paper to achieve a handmade look and Minecraft style. All of the characters’ features are removable to adjust on the fly. We shot each scene frame by frame against a green screen, assembling everything in post.

They need to teach sex ed like this in high school.
— National Day Teen

The game, titled “Invasion of the Myth Monsters” uses the metaphor of a zombie apocalypse to illustrate the dangers of viral misinformation. Teens race through levels, snagging tools including a cell phone, social media truth bomb and dance party. Each zombie wave introduces and debunks a new myth.

I learned a lot of myths about sex that I didn’t know about. I like this game. VERY INFORMATIVE.
— National Day Teen

Created with SBS Studios